Wellbeing and Back to Biking rides cancelled

This week’s Wellbeing and Back to Biking rides are cancelled due to the rotten weather and grim trail conditions

The last few weeks’ rain and snow has taken its toll on the trails

I went out for a trail recce over the weekend and confirmed that there is deep, sticky mud sitting in a lot of places. The trail surface is energy-sapping to ride through and will result in a filthy bike and rider.

I don’t want to put anyone through that and definitely don’t want that to be someone’s first experience of riding.

The forecast isn’t good either

Combined with this the forecast is cold and wet. These are difficult conditions to enjoy for even the most experienced rider.

Thus, this week’s rides are cancelled

I apologise for any difficulties this causes anyone, but I want you to have fun riding your bike. Taking anyone out in these conditions will not be fun.

I look forward to seeing people enjoying drier trails next week.

Posted by BackPedalling Andy