Cycle Confidence Skills

Feel more in control with our
core skills workshops

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Cycle Confidence Skills

Everyone wants to feel confident on their bike.

We want you to feel confident riding your bike.

That’s the whole point of our cycle confidence sessions. We’ll take you through the core skills that make riding fun and safe.

Whatever age you are, whatever your current skill level, our coach Andy will work with you to boost your confidence on two wheels.

We’ll soon have you feeling great riding your bike.

Let Andy help

Andy, our qualified coach, will work with you to hone the core skills that will make the most difference to you. What we cover is tailored to your needs, to make sure it’s right for YOU. This is not cycling proficiency, it’s focussed on giving you the confidence that you’re in control of your bike so you can feel relaxed when you ride.

Whether you’re a little unsure on the road, or nervous on tracks and trails, Andy can help.


And, who doesn’t want to feel more confident?

More control more confidence

Who is Andy?

My name is Andy, and I run BackPedalling.

I have a deep passion for riding my bike in amazing places. I’m a trail womble: finding the wonderful things others have overlooked. I love

But the thing that I love most is showing that to other people and seeing their reaction to the great places we can get on our bikes. Whether it’s on a mountain bike or on the road, whether it’s on an adventure or the way to work I want you to have the best time you can on a bike.

I get a massive kick out of helping people to feel more confident and more capable on their bikes, because I believe you’ll have more fun when you are confident.


This is why I became a professional guide and coach, and that’s why you can be confident in my skills.

Some of the things we'll cover

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