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Wherever you want to ride, BackPedalling can help you make it happen

A quick word from Andy

Covid 19 response

During the coronavirus outbreak we will not be running any BackPedalling group rides or coaching.

We plan to start offering them again as soon as we feel it is safe and in accordance with government guidance.


We have some exciting services that we are offering during the crisis.

Find out more below.

Covid 19 Services

Feel confident be happy

Everyone wants to feel confident on their bike.

We want you to feel confident riding your bike.

Whatever age you are, whatever your current skill level, our coach Andy will work with you to boost your confidence on two wheels.

We’ll soon have you feeling great

 riding your bike.

BackPedalling Bike Buddy

Feel confident, wherever you want to go by taking our Bike Buddy with you.

Andy is a professionally qualified cycle guide with years of experience. Whether you want to ride to work for the first time, or just go for a bike ride, our Bike Buddy has you covered.

Andy will ride with you taking care of navigation, route planning and managing traffic.

With Andy alongside you, you can get where you’re going stress-free.

BackPedalling Route Planning Service

Route Planning

Sometimes you just need someone to show you the best way to get where you’re going.

Andy has been planning rides professionally for years and will work with you to make sure your route is exactly what you need.

Whether it’s to work, or to the park, We’ll make sure you get the perfect


Social Distance

Everything is delivered at a safe social distance of at least 2 metres.

We won’t make contact with you at any point. If there is a problem with your bike, we’ll take care of it, wearing gloves at all times.

Payment is by bank transfer to further reduce contact.

Pay What You Can

These are difficult times for a lot of people, ourselves included. We understand that money can be an issue.

During lockdown we are offering all our services on a “Pay What You Can” basis.

This is our day job, but getting you on your bike is the most important thing right now.

Who is


BackPedalling Andy riding
Andy BackPedalling with tea
Guide and coach

My name is Andy, and I run BackPedalling.

I have a deep passion for riding my bike in amazing places. I’m a trail womble: finding the wonderful things others have overlooked. I love unearthing new places to ride, particularly close to where I live.

But the thing that I love most is showing that to other people and seeing their reaction to the great places we can get on our bikes. Whether it’s on a mountain bike or on the road, whether it’s on an adventure or the way to work I want you to have the best time you can on a bike.

I get a massive kick out of helping people to feel more confident and more capable on their bikes, because I believe you’ll have more fun when you are confident.

This is why I became a professional guide and coach, and that’s why you can be confident in my skills.