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The Friday Morning Club: Crab Wood 29th July

Want to ride your bike somewhere really nice where there is no traffic but don’t know where to start? Then join us on the Friday Morning club.

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What is it?

The Friday Morning club is a fun introduction to mountain biking. It’s designed as an introduction for beginners and those who want to rediscover the joy of riding bikes. It’s all about enjoying yourself out on two wheels alongside people who share the same goal.

It’ll be led by Andy Whincup a British Cycling Qualified Mountain Bike Leader with years’ of experience riding and mentoring, so you know you’ll be in a safe pair of hands. You also know you’re riding with someone who really knows where to find the right riding for you.

It’s a weekly ride that will take in some of the most enjoyable riding around Winchester. The ride will be deliberately aimed at those who are beginners or who need to build their confidence.

Above all it’ll be good fun and a chance to meet and ride with new people.

Where is it?

This week we’re riding round Crab Wood on the west of Winchester. The woods are riddled with fun riding and Andy has stitched together the best of it into a lovely ride that captures everything that’s fun about riding here.

You’ll get pretty beech woods dappled in green at this time of year. You’ll get historic sunken lanes. You’ll get twisty woodland singletrack that’s great fun to ride whatever speed you go. You might even get to see deer and buzzards or hear woodpeckers as you ride.

What you won’t get is anything steep either uphill or downhill. Nor will you encounter any busy roads. So you can relax and enjoy yourself.

We’re meeting at Crab Wood Car Park so you either drive or ride there. Give me a call if you want advice on the best way to ride.

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Who is for?

It’s very much aimed at those who are just starting out mountain biking. The difficulty is deliberately set low enough for everyone to enjoy. If you think you lack fitness or confidence, then this ride is the ideal place to start.

So come along and give it a try.

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When is it?

It’s on Friday 22nd July at 10am.

We will be back at the car park by 11:30pm at the latest.
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