Back to Biking Hero

Back to Biking makes its return on Wednesday evening

You want to get out on your bike and see the countryside but don’t really know where to start. Our Back to Biking Wednesday night club has the answer for you.

We’ll take you for a spin round one of our favourite local loops. The relaxed pace and atmosphere means you get to enjoy the riding and the company. You get to taste off-road cycling in safe hands.

The ride starts from Costa Coffee in Weeke and weaves its way through beautiful ancient woodland. It’s a goldilocks of a loop: there’s just enough of everything. There are enough undulations to get your legs turning, and the downhills will get your juices going. This is where we go when we want to fit an hour’s riding in.

As part of the ride our guide, Andy, will help you gain confidence and develop your skills to get the most out of your riding. He will also look after you and make sure that everything is just right for you.

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Posted by BackPedalling Andy