Do you want something that is tailored precisely to your needs? Then our tailored rides are exactly what you’re looking for.

There are few greater pleasures for us than putting together rides and trips especially for clients. Being with people as they enjoy themselves riding bikes was the reason BackPedalling came into being.

So, if you are looking for something that’s a little different from our scheduled rides, want something on a different date, or just something that is designed around you and your group then our tailored rides are for you.

We offer several kinds of tailored rides but this list is not exhaustive. If you want something not listed here, then contact us and we can sort it out for you.

Want to get more out of your riding? Then our 1 to 1 rides might be just what you are looking for because they are all about you.

We all want to get the most out of our riding. You may want to learn new skills, or build confidence. You could be looking to build your fitness or knowledge of the area. Maybe you just want someone with you when you head out. Whatever you’re looking for, our 1 to 1 (or small group) rides are exactly what you need, with nothing you don’t because they are created especially for you.

You and your friends want to go out for a great ride where all you have to worry about is having fun? Let BackPedalling take the strain as we take you for a grand day out.

Let us do the reconnaissance, the route selection and the navigation. We’ll let you concentrate on just enjoying the riding. This is the point of our tailored group rides.

We can tailor any of our routes to your needs, or we can put something together for you from scratch. Choose your ride length, choose you difficulty, choose your location, choose your own adventure.

Whether you are an experienced group looking for a new ride, or just getting started in mountain biking, we will make sure your day out is brilliant.

Looking for a fun, low traffic ride suitable for the whole family? Look no further.

We offer rides for families and small groups that are fun for competent riders of most ages. Rolling paths and wildlife abound on trails without too much technical difficulty. All led by Andy, our knowledgeable guide, who has over fifteen years’ experience working with young people.

The rides are tailored to the individual needs of your group. We will work closely with you to make sure that everything is right for you and your group.

We offer family rides in the New Forest and Winchester, or we can tailor one of our other routes to your group. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to have a grand day out. We are also happy to advise on the best place to hire bikes from.

Get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

What better way to get away from the office than with a ride in the country? That’s what these rides are all about.

We all know the horror of the corporate away day. Say goodbye to leadership exercises, enforced fun and faceless hotel conference suites: This is something else entirely.

Instead we offer your group a fantastic day out, building relationships in a relaxed environment. Andy, our qualified guide and archaeologist, will take you on a journey of discovery where you’ll get the chance to learn new skills and see the world around you from a different point of view.

Rest assured that the adrenaline level will be set by the group as a whole to ensure that everyone has a day that is memorable for all the right reasons.

We wish we’d had a chance to go on these rides before we started BackPedalling.

If you need to hire bikes we can advise you on the best places to go.

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