Mel Riding

Helpful information for Riders

Equipment and clothing


Mountain Bikes

You will need to arrive with a mountain bike in working order.

This means that the tyres are pumped up, the brakes and gears work and nothing is loose.

As the route includes off-road trails a mountain bike is highly recommended. Substantial tyres with decent tread will give you better grip and cushioning. Front suspension will also make you more comfortable. Unless otherwise advised, there is no need for a full-suspension bike though it may add comfort.

Bring at least one spare tube for the bike in case of punctures.

Safety equipment

Happy trail finding

A helmet

You will need to wear a helmet for the ride.

Sensible shoes that have enclosed toes will protect your feet.

Gloves and eyewear are both recommended.

Sun cream is recommended if the weather is sunny.


Mel Riding

Sensible riding gear

You will be taking part in a physical activity so appropriate clothing is essential. I recommend the following:

A lightweight, breathable synthetic top. A cycling specific, running or sports top such as a football shirt or similar is ideal.

Shorts or tights that do not restrict leg movement. Sports shorts or cycling shorts are both good choices. Padded cycling shorts are not essential but will make you more comfortable.

A waterproof layer in case of rain. Some extra layers are a good idea if the weather is cold.

Windproof gloves do an excellent job of keeping your hands warm on colder days but be careful of bulky gloves which can limit control of the bike.

For cooler days

Please be aware that it is possible this clothing will get dirty during the ride, please wear clothes you are prepared to get muddy.

Food and drink

Giraffe optional

Please bring some water either in a water bottle or Camelbak style back pack

Some snacks are a good idea too.

Ride leader

Andy Whincup

My name is Andy Whincup and I will be leading the ride.

If you need any further information in advance of the ride email me on:

or you can call me on: 07871271647


There is a relatively short questionnaire to ensure that the ride is exactly right for you. It really helps me to know the answers before you arrive so I can plan the route accordingly.

Photo permission

I would like to be able to take some photographs of the group so will ask you to fill in a photograph permission form when you arrive. You are under no obligation to do so.